Yes, There Are Important Reasons To Pick Up After Your Pet

Dog lovers everywhere face a pretty crappy dilemma every day when it comes to caring for our canine friends. We have to clean up after them outside. That means picking up the poop.

There are poop bandits all over the nation who think this task should not be theirs to bear, but there are some absolutely legitimate reasons that it is, beginning with the health of humans and canines alike.

Poop, all poop, contains E. Coli which can be deadly when ingested. Humans get sick from E. Coli, but so do dogs when they dine on other dogs’ waste. It happens. Dogs will eat the poop of other animals. To keep that from happening, it is best to take the time to pick up what your dog leaves behind. And E. Coli is not the only toxin that is in dog waste. There are several that can kill another dog including parvo, and worms.

When dog poop is left where storm water runs, it ends up in the water supply. This is something that most people don’t think about, but continuing along the disease issue front, stormwater generally is not treated before ending up in rivers and streams, unlike sewage. Plus, sewage treatment is not designed to filter out pet waste for the most part. That can put all that E. Coli and other diseases and parasites discussed in the previous paragraph in the water supply.

In addition, picking up poop makes it less likely that dogs will “mark their territory” by urinating on it and thus killing grass. Dogs will always look for a place to cover another animal’s scent, but why leave all that smelly poop as an open invitation. And then there is the matter of decomposition. It doesn’t take overly long, but still, dog waste can take days to turn to dust – and put all those diseases and parasites into the soil.

There are legitimate reasons for picking up after a pet other than just the grossness of stepping in it. Your health and that of your neighbors and their pets are on the line. Please, be responsible, and pick up after your pet.


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