Yes, Hangnails Can Be Prevented

Sitting at a computer typing all day, this writer looks at the hands abusing the keyboard quite often. After years of a gluten-free, legume free, largely sugar-free diet, my fingernails have returned to the glory of my teens when they “just grew” into talons. However, due to my dishwater habit, weekly trips to the manicurist are out (why waste the cash), and I tend to nail grooming myself.

And the most dreaded aspect of the task is dealing with hangnails, the rather painful little tags of dry cuticle that appear on either side of the nail and bleed like the dickens when bitten off.

As it happens, there are ways to prevent the little suckers from appearing:

I have noticed that they do not appear as often when I consume avocados daily, and with eggs in the diet mix. There could be any number of reasons for this including getting avocado oil into the diet. (This is a very personal result. Others may not experience this.)

Keeping moisturized using a cuticle cream in addition to hand lotion really does help. Not only do the cuticles stay moisturized so the dry little tags on the end don’t form, but the nail itself moisturizes, especially after being in the water with dish soap.

Some experts say to quit clipping the cuticle. That really should be done by a professional, anyway, so that cuticles are not cut too short and fail to do their jobs of keeping bacteria out from under the skin.

Soaking nails up and over the cuticle in jojoba or coconut oil is also recommended. This actually is good for the nail plate itself as the oils that keep it from splitting are washed away any time they come in contact with soap.

It is possible to prevent hangnails. All it takes is getting a few simple things ingrained as a habit. When this writer manages to make wearing scrubbing gloves one of them, check the temperature in hell.

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