Why You Should Go Back To A Paper Planner

True confessions of a long time computer user: last year, I joined the ranks of Americans who have decided to ditch the online calendars, apps for the phone, and all the other “time saving” features of electronics to go back to a paper calendar and organizer.

Seriously. And really, I could not be happier.

It was not just that I did not want my private information open to the entire intelligence community (really, they don’t need access to the tracking on the natural family planning app) or that the physical act of writing something down helps humans remember, but that I missed being able to see it all in one glance. Over the years, I developed a system with my calendars (spiral bound, week at a time with a month calendar before each change and some note pages) and I could not get that sort of efficiency with apps.

And I am not the only one who experienced this before reverting to the days of organizers.

For those who work in professional offices, using a paper calendar – and being able to see everything going on at once – enables them to prioritize.

Paper also allows for more organized TO DO lists that help make time more efficient, and less distracting than having a gazillion apps on the phone.

Also, a paper planner user never has to worry about a power outage affecting the use of a device, the battery dying, not having service, etc.

Yes, it is a bit more work to open the thing and to actually engage the brain to use hand muscles to write things down, but in the end, a paper calendar and/or planner is easier to use.

Over a period of time, we all learned (sort of) to use apps and online features for organization. It can be unlearned and a more efficient method that we all ditched for the techno stuff can be relearned. It really is life changing.



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