Why Tight Pants Are A Health Risk

tight pants

Skin tight clothes have always been a topic of discussion among people of all age groups. From corsets in the Victorian times or skinny jeans in the modern age, the fashion to be thin has been incomparable.

This trend is not specially addressed to one category of people. Both genders are equally captivated with this growing trend.

Sometimes these styles fit people well and draw attention to their looks, and other times it’s a disaster.

The problem is that wearing tight clothing is bad for your health and it’s important to avoid this bad habit.

Men and women who force themselves into skinny clothes, fight to button their pants or knot their neckties too tightly might unknowingly experience nerve damage, digestive problems, and even deadly blood clots.

Side Effects Of Wearing Skin Tight Clothes

Candida Yeast Infection
Candida Yeast Infection is one of the most recurrent skin infections. This infection occurs in particular areas of our body, especially on the areas which are kept moist and warm.

This results in itching and scratchy feeling on our skin which is often painful and distressing.

One of the main reasons for this infection is due to skinny pants, as it prevents air to cross through and results in the increase of yeast production.

This happens particularly in the case of pubic areas. When one’s pubic areas are kept constantly under the tights, the area becomes warm and moist making it a constant breeding place for bacteria and, thus, can cause yeast infections.

When one’s pubic areas are kept constantly under the tights, the area becomes warm and moist making it a constant breeding place for bacteria and, thus, can cause yeast infections.

It promotes the appearance of varicose veins
This is a very common problem among women. The hormone progesterone is what causes veins to dilate above their natural opening.

When your clothes are too tight, your circulation is poor and it can worsen this condition.

According to one study, 31% of the female population has varicose veins. This condition may become worse from the use of oral contraceptives, wearing tight pants, and standing for long periods of time.

Back Pain
When pants are too skin tight, and low rising at the waist, they can lead to nerve compression in the back, which leads to severe back pain. These low waist skinny jeans compress our back muscles, curb our hip bone movements and puts extreme pressure on your spine.

Thus wearing tight clothes makes the muscles overloaded, causing the vertebrae to strive more than necessary.

Abdominal Pain
Often we wear dresses which are too tight that they are body hugging. These dresses put stress on our stomach, leading to a pressure build-up on the stomach and results in an agonising pain.

It causes acid reflux, also known by the medical term Gastroesophageal reflux disease which cause acid to go back into our oesophagus, often identified as heartburn.

The tight outfits slow down the rate of the digestion process. So, one should always make sure not to wear dresses and belts which put too much pressure on our abdominal area.

Even though tight clothes will not directly cause “orange peel” skin, it’s true that this habit can greatly worsen the problem.

The accumulation of fat in the major tissues of the glutes and legs is what forms cellulitis. When the skin has no place to move to be comfortable, it cannot eliminate toxins.

If you suffer from cellulitis, pay attention to the pants that you’re wearing.

Often times, we blame eating heavy meals that we enjoy for constipation, but this isn’t the only cause.

The clothes that you are wearing is making the situation worse. When pants or a skirt are too tight, the intestines are unable to do their job. This causes gas or constipation.

Excessively tight clothes cause swelling of the calves and the legs because the lymph system cannot function as it should.

Fluid retention is not just caused by consuming too much salt or not drinking enough water, but also by tight pants that people pour themselves into.

It causes skin problems
Your skin may also suffer when it can’t “breathe.”
For example, many things can happen if the pants or skirt you wear is not only very tight but also made with a non-breathable material. It can cause redness, itchiness, and even ingrown hairs on the legs (because the hair can’t grow as easily).

Tips to to avoid wearing very tight clothes
Now that you know the consequences of wearing clothes that are too tight, it’s time to take a look at your closets and avoid provoking health problems.

– Buy clothes that fit you and don’t go by the sizes indicated. Many times, it’s better to not even look at the size.
– When purchasing underwear, choose underwear made of cotton cloth so that those areas can perspire without causing infections.

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