What Actually Happens When You Go On A Sugar Detox?

sugar detox

It is a well-known fact that sugar has addictive and harmful effects on health. Eating sugar can be as serious for the pancreas as alcohol is for the liver, and many people try to stop eating sugar.

Cutting out sugar isn’t easy, but the health benefits are exponential—and they kick in almost immediately after you rein in your sweet tooth. Here’s exactly what happens.

Your heart health improves
The problem with consuming excess sugar is that it can lead to problems like hypertension and arrhythmia, among others. By reducing or eliminating this substance, your cardiovascular health is no longer threatened. Not eating sugar also prevents malnutrition.

Your quality of sleep improves
Sleeping enough and getting quality rest is essential for recovering your energy, improving the texture of your skin and regenerating your cells. Remember that you need to sleep between 8 and 9 hours a night for your body to regulate itself adequately.

When you eat too much sugar, you may experience periods of insomnia, which alter your levels of glucose. Therefore, reducing your sugar consumption will benefit you both in terms of quality of sleep and replenishing your energy.

You’ll get happy
When you cut out sugar, you might feel that fog lift, along with your mood, in just one to two weeks, she says. Research helps to back this up. Women who consumed foods that ranked high on the glycemic index, including those rich in added sugar, were more likely to be depressed than women who ate fewer of these foods.

You’ll shed pounds
On average, we consume 22 teaspoons of added sugar a day, which equals around 350 calories, according to the Harvard School of Public Health in Boston. Sugar can be addicting, and when we decrease the amount that we eat, it also stops cravings, so we consume fewer calories and lose weight.. When you eat refined sugar, your body may not get the signal that you’re full, causing you to consume too many calories and gain weight. When you replace sugar with nourishing whole foods, your hormones will naturally regulate, sending signals to the brain when you’ve eaten enough. As a result, you’ll lose weight without trying so hard—often within the first week, she says.

You’ll feel more energetic
Sugar causes energy peaks followed by periods of tiredness and heaviness. When you eat sugar daily, your body experiences problems with metabolizing food and hence with getting the energy that it offers.

It’s necessary to reduce this substance or eliminate it completely from your diet if you want to leave behind the sensations of heaviness and fatigue. We assure you that after a week of doing this, you’ll have greater strength daily and your general performance will be better.

You’ll lower diabetes risk
Quitting sugar gives your body’s natural detox systems a chance to do their job. In the first couple of hours without sugar, your pancreas will start to produce less insulin and your liver will also start to catch up on processing stored toxins, explains Marc Alabanza, a Certified Nutritional Counselor and program director of GroundSea Fitness, a detox retreat in the Berkshires of Massachusetts. This process will take a little longer if you are already insulin resistant (a pre-diabetes state in which your body produces the hormone insulin, but doesn’t use it properly), he adds. “The time for most of these symptoms to completely subside can run up to five weeks, at which point one will no longer be a slave to refined sugar.” Should you get your blood sugar checked?

You’ll look younger
Collagen and elastin are the two main proteins that give our skin its youthful, supple properties, so we want to preserve them as much as possible.Giving up (or reducing) the amount of sugar you eat can also reduce glucose and insulin spikes in your bloodstream, reducing chronic and acute inflammation linked to aging. You can get your glow on within 14 days of giving up sugar.
Sugar has a dehydrating effect because it increases the production of oils in the skin. In this sense, stopping eating sugar will make you recover your youthfulness. After just one week of not including sugar in your diet you’ll notice the following:

The tone of your skin improves.
Plus, the oil produced by your skin reduces or even disappears. Your skin appears more hydrated and softer. Wrinkles soften.

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