How to Wash Hats Without Ruining The Shape


My husband is a hat-wearer and when I say “hat-wearer” that is an understatement. He wears hats everyday. Needless to say, we get some pretty grimy looking hats in our house. Some of his hats have become so dirty, that I didn’t even know what to do with them besides throw them in the washer with the darks to agitate the dirt out of it. I have ruined the shape of several hats before I came up with this solution.

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How to Wash Hats Without Jeopardizing The Shape

Take a leak proof rubber top tupperware container,  Place your hat inside. Add 1 teaspoon detergent. I started using Charlie’s Soap laundry detergent and I am now SOLD on it. This tub does 1250 loads! I can use just 1 Tablespoon in a whole load of laundry and get the same results as I get using a scoop of any other brand. That means, I don’t have to go buy it near as often, there is less plastic container waste because it lasts forever! Any other detergent will work also!

Wash hats safelyAdd Blender Bottle Shaker. Fill with warm (not hot) water until the hat is over halfway covered. Note – I used the actual brand Tupperware because of the flexible rubber lid that makes it so that you can see if the heat pressure is building up from the water temperature as you shake it, so the lid won’t pop off and leave you in a mess.

wash hats to maintain shapeMake sure to leave some space for the water to really move around. Close lid and shake. You will immediately see the dirt and grime come into the water and make it turn to wash your hatsI have even had success with getting the sweat line out of the hat brim (let the line soak in a thin layer of dishsoap overnight first)! I am excited for you to try this.

I have heard that you can do this with other delicates in a mason jar.

I am always looking for a place to get replacement hats for cheap when they wear out too. I found these and they are great! I love that they have no branding on them. If you have a hat-wearer in your life like I do, you might have a get a few;)


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