Trouble Sleeping at Night?

Trouble Sleeping at Night?


Trouble Sleeping at Night



Eat these 7 Foods to Fall Asleep Faster

There is absolutely nothing worse than getting into bed only to spend the next few hours tossing and turning before finally falling asleep. You might have had too much coffee or maybe there’s a lot on your mind, but sometimes your sleeplessness is from something you ate. Did you know that your diet has a direct effect on your ability to fall asleep at night?

Avoiding foods with caffeine or sugar before bed can help you get some sleep, while consuming foods rich in tryptophan and melatonin  helps encourage sleep. Tryptophan, an amino-acid, is the precursor to serotonin, a hormone that helps us feel relaxed. Serotonin is also essential in producing melatonin, a key hormone that helps regulate sleep and wake cycles.

Turkey and ChickenTrouble Sleeping at Night

Most high protein foods contain tryptophan, and turkey and chicken are a great source of the amino acid. Make sure to pair your poultry with a complex carbohydrate to boost serotonin levels, so eat them with a piece of whole wheat bread or a side of brown rice to optimize relaxation.


CherriesTrouble Sleeping at Night

Cherries are one of the only foods that contain naturally occurring melatonin, which regulates our circadian rhythm. Studies show that drinking tart cherry juice can help you to sleep longer, so load up on this antioxidant-rich fruit to help you sleep at night!

EggsTrouble Sleeping at Night

Eggs are high in protein and tryptophan, but they also contain a good source of vitamin B12, another restful sleep promoter.



KiwiTrouble Sleeping at Night

Kiwis are high in antioxidants, which are believed to help with sleep, and they are rich in serotonin as well, so they are naturally relaxing.






MilkTrouble Sleeping at Night

Dairy milk naturally contains melatonin, so drinking a warm glass of milk before bed can help regulate your circadian rhythms.




Jasmine RiceTrouble Sleeping at Night

Rice has a high glycemic index, these are types of carbohydrates help shorten the amount of time it takes to fall asleep at night.




NutsTrouble Sleeping at Night

Nuts are high in magnesium, which can act as a natural sleep aid. They are also a tryptophan-rich food, so eat them in nut-butter form with a carbohydrate such as a banana or whole wheat toast.



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