Travel Experts Say: Never Do THIS In A Hotel Room

It’s prime travel time and millions of Americans will be roaming from room to room. Guess what? You’re not the only visitor in those rooms.

Bed bugs are parasitic insects who feed on human blood. Their bites are painless but they quickly turn into itchy, red welts on the skin. These small insects do not transmit diseases but can follow you home from your travels and continue to multiply and cause havoc in your life.

There are some steps you can follow to avoid getting bitten by bedbugs and making sure they do not find themselves in your luggage.

Beds can get into anything the width size of a credit card. So it’s better to put your luggage on the bathroom floor. Bed bugs don’t like tile floors and the bathroom does not give them the little warm places to hide.

Most travellers put their luggage on their hotel room's bed and start following their fun-packed itinerary.

You may be exhausted and want to nap, but don’t do it! Bed bugs are always around where people sleep. Pull back the linens, check around the headboard, pillows, and under the mattress.

Yes you are probably exhausted from the long flight and just want to take a quick nap.

Look for blood spots or what looks like a little pepper on the sheets. If you find any of this, call the front desk to let the staff know you have found bed bugs.

Bed bugs are about to the size of an apple seed.

The insect gives off an unpleasant odor from the scent glands. Egg shells or skins also reveal bed bugs live in that room.

The insects love to hide in corners and mattress seams.

Look behind and around the bed frame. Studies reveal bed bugs live within 15 feet from the bed. Look at the night stand, books, phone, sofa, and cushion for places they may be hanging around.

Don't assume the bed is the only place to search for bed bugs.

In hotel rooms, bed bugs can move from room to room looking for people. They need to feed off human blood.

Even if your mattress does not have bed bugs at the initial inspection, keep an eye out.

They tend to feed at night when people are sleeping. The bugs will feed from three to 10 minutes or until their bodies are fully engorged.

These annoying insects will look for any skin that is exposed.

One bed bug can live up to 10 months and can go weeks without eating.

To make sure these pesky bugs don’t get into your belongings, wrap your suitcase in a plastic case or garbage bag. If you hang your clothes in the closet of the hotel room, check for any bugs. Vacuum your clothes and shake it just to make sure.

One bed bug can live up to 10 months and can go weeks without eating.

Bring a lamp with you so you can easily spot the insect, excrement’s, and eggs.

Study this graph and remember all the places you need to check before you get comfortable in your room.

The staff could be using pesticide to kill the insects. Nonetheless, pesticides are dangerous for adults and even more so for children exposed in a room. You’ll want to ask to be moved to a different room or request for a refund and go to a different hotel.

Also look for traces of white powder in the mattress, pillows, and anywhere else in the hotel room.

louentoIf you do get moved to a different room, ask that it’s at least two floors away.

Bed bugs do not carry diseases but a Canadian study conducted in 2011 revealed that bugs will pass germs from one person to another.

If you do get moved to a different room, ask that it's at least two floors away.

Bed bugs have also been found in wall paper, electrical sockets, and computer keyboards. These suckers got themselves stuck in a screw hole belonging to a plastic chair.

They are experts at hiding and waiting for their next victim.

If bed bugs happen to follow you home, wash all of your clothes in hot water. You didn’t wear everything you brought with you? It doesn’t matter, wash it! Wipe clean and vacuum your suitcases before they go back in storage.

Just in case the bed bugs followed you home, get rid of them once and for all.

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