Transgender Man Gave Birth To His Female Transgender Partner’s Baby

The groundbreaking couple lives in Ecuador and they’re more than eager to continue their family and have more children.

Ms Rodriguez and Mr Machado have not had an easy life.

Love is Love

More than one woman would love to switch places with her husband and have him carry the baby. That’s pretty much the reality for this couple, with Mr Machado being the one sporting the belly.

A Happy Go Lucky Dad

The couple  made waves before when Ms Rodriguez became the first transgender candidate to run for Congress in 2013. Her mission was quite clear: to use her past experiences when coming out to her own family and getting shunned and outcast due to her sexual identity.


Not only has she been rejected by her loved ones, she was also forced to live on the streets where Ms Rodriguez was abducted in more than one occasion.

Tough Times

They are a strong, united family with so much love to give, they also share that love with the world by seeking awareness for the LGBT community with a campaign they started right after their baby was born.


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