These Foods Get Hit With Roundup Before Harvest

One of the consequences of the rise of commercial agriculture is that most everyday, regular people have no idea where their food comes from, or how it is raised and harvested. We simply do not have the sorts of experiences that give us this information.

So, it comes as quite a surprise when ordinary people learn that Roundup is actually used just before harvest to increase the yield of crops.

Yes, Roundup, the herbicide invented by, and defended by Monsanto, now a part of Bayer AG, that has been outlawed in many countries, and is the subject of an unbelievable amount of controversy given that the studies claiming its safety for humans and wildlife were financed by Monsanto itself.

How spraying a herbicide on crops to increase yield works is that the plant itself is dying, and in self-defense, it produces more of the product of the plant. In the case of Roundup, it assures that the plants are uniformly ready to be harvested as well…THREE DAYS BEFORE THIS HAPPENS.

So, what crops are recommended to be treated this way by Monsanto itself?

Non-GMO Canola
Non-GMO Soybeans
Dry Beans
Sugar Cane

That doesn’t count Roundup-ready soybeans, corn and the like that are plants grown from seeds genetically modified to be immune to the herbicide. Studies tell the tale of Roundup in the food supply, and it is not pretty.

There are farmers who deny the reports of such herbicide use, describing a much more conservative approach to application. But, these notions of using chemicals to increase crop yield had to come from somewhere. And why, if weeds are dealt with during tillage, do we need to herbicides, to begin with? (Hint: weeds pop up in fields on a daily basis.)

Until some unbiased reporting is done on the subject, it’s best to shop for organic foods.

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