The Smart Feature on Your Instant Pot You’re Probably Not Using

  The Instant Pot replaced rice cookers, slow cookers, and pressure cookers all over the country, and made millions of Americans think about making their own yogurt. But there’s one simple, obvious-once-you-think-about-it trick that makes Instant Pots even more convenient: You can use the handles to hold the lid.

Dealing with pot lids while cooking can be infuriating, and that’s true of pretty much any kind of lidded kitchen appliance. Undersides of lids get messy, or hot and covered in condensation, and when you take off the lid you’re often stuck holding it and looking around for a place to put it down where it won’t get things wet or dirty, or get dirty itself.

The Instant Pot lid has little fins on the sides, And if you want to take the lid off while cooking, you can just stick that fin into the matching tab on the side of the Instant Pot. They’re the same size and fit right together. The Instant Pot even comes with a little plastic cup that clips to the back and catches any condensation that drips down.

The lid-holding-handle is a brilliantly simple and useful design.

Did you know about this Instant Pot feature?

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