The Simple Way To Maximize Your Daily Walk And Burn Fat

After a long winter indoors, this writer noticed something disturbing about the old bod. There was a marked loss in lower abdominal and pelvic floor strength. For someone who uses all of those muscles in an artistic form, this was very disconcerting. Those muscles need to be strong.

In general, these muscles need to be strong in women for many reasons: sexual performance, childbearing, posture and more. The reality is that frequently they are ignored unless one is a pilates and yoga practitioner.

(Nothing against traditional pilates that builds core strength. I need to get back into it, actually.)

There is a very simple way to get started on strengthening and rebuilding those muscles: add hills to the daily walk.

Seriously. It’s that easy

This approach worked for this writer, as the neighborhood is full of them. Each street has a different grade, and each grade works a different set of muscles. I use three different routes, some with modifications, all with different levels of difficulty, and all that are about thirty minutes (for now. Will add time as soon as the summer heat passes).

Not everyone lives in a place where walking hills is as simple as strolling through one’s neighborhood, but according to Health  Magazine, the effort of finding a hilly place to walk is worth it.

To triple the number of calories you burn, go to where its hilly, Prouty says. Walking on hills can burn tons of calories and fat, so youll work that stomach pooch off faster than you would on flat terrain. Uphill walks are great for strengthening and shaping your lower half—plus, youll feel stronger and go faster on level ground.

It worked for Robyn Kammerer, 33, of Rowayton, Conn.
Kammerer dropped 50 postpregnancy pounds in four months by eating healthier and walking every day on the hills near her home. “If Im out of breath at the top of one of these killer hills,” she says, “I remind myself that I can now wear skirts that havent fit in years.”

Yes, that’s another benefit. The summer skirt collection is hitting farther down on the shin, and the waistlines are not nearly so tight. The downside is that some tops are getting to be too big. (Not, really. 🙂 )

This approach to getting in better shape and burning extra fat, of course, takes dedication and time before seeing results. However, in the end, the effort is absolutely worth it. This writer speaks from experience.



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