The Heart Wrenching Story of one Navy Wife

The Heart Wrenching Story of one Navy Wife


Her story is emotional, but it is one worth sharing:

Stephanie Lembo married her husband, Anthony Lembo, while he was still in the Navy. They married six months after meeting at a Walmart and they had a child together. But the story that Stephanie Lembo wants to share with you is not about her “normal life.” On November 8, 2010, her husband committed suicide after experiencing symptoms of PTSD and sleep deprivation. In the following video, Stephanie tells her poignant story by flipping through note cards. She silently reacts to their contents in the background while she shows each slide, fighting back tears as she reflects on the past few years.


This is a heart wrenching video, and for many, it is difficult to watch. For those suffering from PTSD, the pain is real and many suffer in silence.

Please get the message out there!




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