The Common Foods That Fitness Trainers Avoid

If there is any one thing all of us can do to help our health, it is eat healthier. Over the years, advertising and marketing have sold the general public on the idea that we can eat just about anything, and still be able to maintain health.

More and more, we are learning that that just is not true. Nutritionists preach it, physicians recommend better diets, and personal trainers, the people who teach clients how to maximize strength for life, now are speaking up about what they rarely eat and drink. There are a number of lists floating around, and all of them have two specific classes of “food” that simply aren’t touched.

Soda Pop of Any Sort

Studies abound regarding what sugar does to us, and now we are learning more and more about the downsides of diet soda which is essentially chemicals in a can. The better way to go about healthy fluid consumption is to drink water, even sparkling water if one wants the fizz and unsweetened tea.

Foods That Turn To Sugar In The Body

It’s not always talked about, what happens when certain foods are actually metabolized, but many lists of foods that trainers won’t touch include those with nothing but carbohydrates: fruit juice with no pulp, cereal, bakery items made with refined flours, and, of course, candy. The reason being is that these foods turn into straight sugar in the body, and too much of that ends up stored as fat and will spike blood sugar putting stress on internal organs over time.

Of course, there are more foods on various “DO NOT EAT” lists: fast foods, trans fats, natural flavorings that are not specified, ingredients that cannot be pronounced, and a lot more including pizza. The truth is that all of them have something in common: they are processed. The simple message is that whole foods are best for health.

The question then becomes how did all the prepackaged convenience foods get labels claiming they are “heart healthy,” etc.

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