The Age When Women Should Give Up Wearing A Bikini

As a joke, based on sights at the swimming pool that cannot be unseen, this writer wondered if the question of what age a woman should cease and desist with bikini-wearing had ever been explored.

So, “what age should women quit bikini” was typed into a search engine, and sure enough, in 2011, Britain’s Daily Mail did a survey of women and asked at what age certain clothing items, including bikinis, should no longer be a word. The verdict?

50 Year Old Farm Gil Jen.

For the bikini specifically: 47.

Some of us think that’s actually too old, but since the survey was done in Britain, there might be some cultural differences.

Another online chat site asked if women over 40 should be wearing bikinis and the discussion revolved around the bodies and body types of the wearers rather than a specific age, which is really rather true. Honestly, some of us might be mistaken for a marine mammal if there wasn’t a loud print covering us from chest to thighs.

And then there was the Girls Ask Guys site where the question devolved into a discussion on BMI and what is considered “fat,” not so much what age a bikini should be shelved.

An opinion writer over at The Guardian claims a woman is never too old to wear a bikini, which, admittedly, older women should consider when taking a vitamin D bath to expose more skin to UVB rays, but really, some people do need to take a look in the mirror before heading to the pool or the beach and ask themselves, “would I want to look at this all day?”

So what is the answer to how old a woman should be when she gives up her bikini? When she no longer feels confident enough to walk around in public nearly naked.

Although, that goes for any number of styles these days.

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