Take The 15 Minute Challenge To Help De-Stress Your Life

Some time ago, Forbes published a list of the habits of highly successful people. On it was the concept of thinking of the day in fifteen-minute increments. Commenters on all platforms thought this to be about the most ridiculous concept on the whole list. Fifteen minutes, they would scoff. What can get done in fifteen minutes?

Quite a lot actually.

On many posts dealing with house cleaning, and keeping up with the clutter, it is recommended to set a timer for fifteen minutes and see how much you can get done. Just that amount of time. It could be doing the dishes, picking up the family room, washing the fixtures in the bathroom – yes these tasks can take longer to accomplish, but fifteen minutes can put a big dent in the chore.

Fifteen minutes can also be used for quiet time either for adults or kids. (When this writer was a child and the family belonged to a private pool club, fifteen minutes of every hour was dedicated to adult swim. It did calm all the kids a bit.)

For those who meditate or pray, fifteen minutes can go by fast, but it is refreshing to spend that time in quiet.

Fifteen minutes of walking or other light exercises can help relieve sitting all day and its effects. Also doable is some Pilates, and trampoline work, even dancing.

Set a timer while scrolling through social media to keep the habit under control.

Going through the mail, email, and other items that accumulate and tend to clutter life can be done in under fifteen minutes every day.

The idea of thinking in terms of fifteen-minute increments is not so crazy when one considers all that can happen in that time frame. More ideas can be found here.

From personal experience, reading is the one thing that should be done for more like a half an hour. Sex, sleeping, and driving…take the time necessary and don’t rush.

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