Small Battery is placed in a slice of bologna. What happens next? Everyone should watch this!

Christmas has come and gone, children all over America are still enjoying their brand new toys. But doctors want to send out a warning to parents, grandparents, and neighbors: Be careful and aware of the potential dangers of batteries in the hands of young children.

At Dayton Children’s Hospital, they want to  show just how corrosive these batteries are. In just two hours, a small battery severely damaged a slice of baloney, which is about the same consistency and width of a child’s esophagus. If a battery has gotten stuck in a child’s windpipe, the dangers could be deadly.

The worst part of this problem is the fact that not many people are even aware of the danger. So many toys and remote controls are operated by these small button batteries, and children have not necessarily been told just how harmful small batteries are.

So please spread this potentially life-saving information to everyone you know. If a child suddenly refuses to eat or seems to have trouble breathing, he or she could very well have swallowed one of these tiny batteries.

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