Simple Ways To Bond With Your New Baby

Modern society offers humanity many improvements over life in the past. Indoor plumbing and the normalization of sewer systems alone have made life far more enjoyable. The automobile and other transportation advances have done wonders for us as well.

Just as those advances have helped us, others have led to a social breakdown that is really starting to negatively affect the entire system, and it begins in infancy. More and more, “hands-off” and distant parenting is tearing at the bond all parents should have with their children.

Children bond by being WITH their caregivers, by being touched by them, and talked to. That being the case, there are simple things new parents can do to improve their bonds with their kids. They might raise a few eyebrows, but those can be ignored.

When a Newborn Comes Home, Put The Crib In With Mom And Dad

For some reason, there is a notion that from birth all babies need their own “space.” What they really need is their parents there for them. Even WebMD recommends this practice for parents having trouble bonding with newborns.

Carry A Newborn In A Carrier On The Chest

For the past few decades, these “snugglies” have been very popular, and with good reason. An adult’s heat, voice, heartbeat, and gentle movement are comforting to an infant. Some even need the movement for sensory input to develop properly.

Take The Time To Be Skin To Skin With A Newborn

Study after study indicates that this is one of the best ways to bond with a baby. In addition, premature infants, and twins do better when they are skin to skin with parents and siblings. There’s just something about it that works.

Talk To Babies Often

Just as babies are soothed and calmed by movement and closeness to adults, they also respond to sound preferring the cadence of a live voice. Eventually, they will try to imitate sounds made.

Bonding with children is not difficult, it just takes a few simple moves and the investment of time to do it. When raising children, though, it is about the most important thing a parent can do for everyone involved.


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