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Forget the stock photo of a mom lounging on a white couch (or lying on a white duvet or in sweet repose on a white picnic blanket) beatifically nursing baby. In real life, moms have found themselves in some pretty interesting places when it comes to feeding baby. On the toilet? Check. At the Eiffel Tower? Mais oui. While exercising? Wouldn’t have it any other way. See all the real-life breastfeeding moments caught on camera.

A Solid Start

There’s nothing like your first time. @Wifejohnson shares an emotional first feed with her hours-old daughter Tilly.

Life Imitates Art

Tandem bike riding, tandem skydiving, so why not tandem breastfeeding? With a breastfeeding mural in the Big Easy as her backdrop, this mom brings tandem breastfeeding to life.

Morning Brew

A cup of coffee and a side of milk are the best way to start the day for this Sydney, Australia-based mom and son.

Paris Latch

Talk about dining with a view! @all_about_elin’s daughter might be too busy power lunching to sightsee, but mom’s snapshot in front of the Eiffel Tower is one iconic moment.

Lunge and Latch

Motherhood means multitasking. And as a mom of six, personal trainer Sharny Kieser’s become a pro at it, introducing supporters and naysayers alike to our favorite catchphrase, “breastercising.”

Food Chain

Milk in aisle one! While mom is comparison shopping, this toddler knows what he likes — milk! — it’s that simple.

To Have and to Hold

Vows are sacred: This bride wanted to breastfeed her 12-month-son on her wedding day no matter how busy it was, calling it her “proudest moment” of the memorable occasion.

Have Milk, Will Travel

Nothing like sightseeing to work up an appetite! Too young to taste the local cuisine, baby gets his meal from mom while on holiday in Spain.

Magic Moment

Forget making it back before midnight: Going home between princess events to give her little prince the royal treatment is @kira_jade_r’s “most important job.”

Walking on Sunshine

Long walks on the beach can’t get better than this. Just take a page out of@kenna08elise’s play book if you don’t believe us.

Stop and Shop

Baby needs a new set of clothes…and some milk! This mom set up shop in Target’s furniture aisle to breastfeed her daughter.

Ready for Takeoff

Shot in the Hong Kong International Airport, this mother-child snapshot was part of a series advocating for the right of mothers in the region to “Breastfeed Anywhere Anytime.”

Lasting Bond

Four months into breastfeeding her son, this mom discovered a lump that turned out to be stage 2 breast cancer. Faced with ending her breastfeeding journey earlier than planned, she hired a photographer to capture her colorful final feed before her mastectomy.

Urban Expression

Who wouldn’t want to breastfeed in front of a backdrop like this? After stumbling upon @nikki_leone’s handpainted mural, @latchedmama was inspired to stop, drop and feed.

The Life Aquatic

That’s the Aloha Spirit: @sunshine_sipping and her water baby share an uninterrupted nursing experience in the Maui Ocean Center.

Dynamic Duo

Together, this mother-son pair is ready to take on the world, one power feed at a time.

Balance the Books

Sure, reading is fundamental. But are these two the cutest bookends to story time or what?

Duty Calls

Nothing gets in the way of a feeding, even when you’ve gotta go—as@mylifeisabeach discovered.

Sitting Pretty

For mom Gabriella Faught, breastfeeding her toddler son while pregnant with baby no. 2 isn’t always easy, but continuing their bonding time for as long as she can is always worth it.

Snack Time

Spree, Whoppers, Life Savers… yeah, nothing beats this sweet moment in a candy store between a mom and her baby.

Wonder Woman

A stage 3 breast cancer diagnosis midway through pregnancy didn’t stop this mother’s dreams of breastfeeding her son. After a left-breast mastectomy, she delivered early at 36 weeks before resuming chemo.

By Cassie Kreitner

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