PSA: This Hack Will Make Your Cheap Wine Taste Expensive

And it takes just 30 seconds.

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 Who doesn’t love cheap wine? It’s good for the bank balance, often tastes just as nice as the pricier stuff, and a super-cheap bottle was actually awarded the best wine in the world this year. However, if you’ve got friends coming over and you want to make a good vino impression.

In a new series of life hack books by Dan Marshall, he reveals you should pour budget wine into a blender and whizz it around for 30 seconds. This is supposed to aerate it and allow the flavors to develop more, which actually doesn’t sound that crazy. Plus, it won’t take long, so what’s the harm in trying it out?

And, it’s not the first time this hack’s been, um, aired. Good Morning America writes: “Enthusiasts of blender-based wine decanting put red wine in the blender with the idea that the process ages it five years in 30 seconds.

“Some say that by exposing young wine to so much air it can quickly soften tannins.” FYI, tannins are the naturally occurring compounds that make your wine taste dry.

Still, if you don’t own a blender – or don’t fancy pouring your wine in there – there’s one other way you can make wine taste more expensive: just tell your friends it is. According to a study in the Journal of Marketing Research, preconceptions that the vino is pricey can actually alter the chemistry in the brain, so the drinker will enjoy it more.

From: Cosmo UK

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