One Timeless Handbag Every Woman On The Go Needs

I’ll admit it. For decades, my go-to handbags have been fairly diverse. I have the old-fashioned pocketbook, an honest to goodness Longaberger basket purse (that shape is not made anymore, either), at least one backpack handbag, more than one that’s a preppy canvas, a few metallics, and, of course, Bermuda bags left over from the 80s.

At one time or another, I’ve loved them all. Now, though, except for special occasions or if a day trip requires it, all of them are left behind in favor of my cross body strapped purse that holds just essentials. And, as observed in the parking lot of the grocery store on this very day, I am not alone.

The reasons these handbags are the greatest for women on the move are many. One is that with the strap on one shoulder and the bag itself resting on the opposing hip, the weight is distributed evenly and the person wearing it can stand straight and not lean or worry about a pinched shoulder nerve.

Another reason is that they are very much hands-free. No one using a cross body bag needs to worry about the darn thing sliding off the shoulder, which is what made the fanny pack popular back in the day, and contributes to the lure of the backpack purse.

I particularly like my crossbody handbag for travel, and sightseeing as all of the essentials for the trip are in front of me and behind zippers rather than on my back where any kind of thief could slit my day pack and acquire all of it without permission.

Crossbody handbags come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Colors, too. Just about every designer out there has one. The one caution of using one of these bags is that if they are too big and heavy the ergonomic benefits are reverses. It can literally be a pain in the neck.

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