One Simple Condition Inside Your Bedroom Might Be Causing Your Nightmares

A good night’s sleep is difficult to achieve for many people, and for many reasons. They can range from the wrong mattress and pillow to sleep apnea and more. New research adds another issue to the pile and one that could well be causing sleepers to experience nightmares.

A warm bedroom.

For years now, a cool bedroom has been on the list of what is needed to get a good night’s sleep, and now science is backing that up.

If your room is too hot, you are at risk of suffering from feverish night terrors, according to Dr Neil Stanley, a former chairman of the British Sleep Society.

Keeping your bedroom at the right temperature will also help to prevent snoring and other disorders like sleep apnoea, Dr Stanley said.

Experts warn that temperature control will prove difficult this month, as spring temperatures fluctuate wildly between hot and cold.

Dr Stanley said: “In order for us to get a good night’s sleep, we need to lose around 1ºc of our internal body temperature, which sits at around 37ºc.

“We typically lose that 1ºc through our head or face, which pokes out of the duvet.

“But if you’re sleeping in a room which is too warm, your body’s core temperature is unable to that heat and your sleep will be disturbed.”

According to Natural News, sleeping temperatures can be translated as 60.8 – 64.4 degrees Fahrenheit.

The reason that a cooler room helps facilitate good sleep is that the brain is more active at higher temperatures.

People who are sleep deprived will have more intense sleep, the experts said, which leads to greater brain activity during sleep.

This increased brain activity makes you dream more, and makes your dreams more vivid – and more nightmarish.

In addition to keeping the bedroom cool, with an open window if necessary, the sleep experts across the pond recommend bedclothes are made of natural fibers like cotton or silk, and to not eat too close to bedtime as the body increases temperature while digesting food.

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