‘Meanest Mom Ever’ Dumps Kids’ Treats for Not Saying Thanks

Is Jaime Primak Sullivan the Meanest Mom Ever? The internet debated that question this week after Sullivan posted a story on her Facebook page about taking her three children, Olivia (8), Max (7), and Charlie (5), to Dairy Queen for a treat after dinner.

“They ordered their dessert choices and we waited about 5 minutes for them to call out our number. The young lady (maybe 17) handed each child their ice cream. Not one looked her in the eye. Not one said thank you. Not to her, not to me…” Sullivan wrote on Facebook. So Sullivan counted to ten, followed her children out the door, and collected each of their ice cream cones, then proceeded to throw the treats in the trash can, much to her children’s shock and dismay.

Jaime Primak SullivanCourtesy of Jaime Primak Sullivan

Sullivan’s children, Olivia, Max, and Charlie.

“I explained that one day, if they were lucky, they would work a job like that young lady. And I would hope that people would see them. Really see them. Look them in the eye and say thank you. We are too old at 8/7/5 to move through our days without exercising manners and honestly basic human decency,” Sullivan said on Facebook. The post has since been liked more than 372K times and shares more than 47K times, earning her attention from talk shows and websites and a lot of praise — and criticism — from other parents.

Sullivan addressed some of those concerns in a follow-up video on her Facebook page.

Sullivan, a publicist and producer and the star of the digital series #cawfeetawk and author of “The Southern Education of a Jersey Girl,” lives in Birmingham, Alabama with her husband, Michael, and her children. She told TODAY Parents that her children were not scarred by the trashing of their treats.

“They were understandably upset, but my children know that when Mommy says something, she means it. And we speak a lot about the human connection and social responsibility at home, so they were familiar with my point and understood why I was disappointed.

Jaime Primak SullivanCourtesy of Jaime Primak Sullivan

Sullivan, her husband, Michael, and her children, Olivia, Max, and Charlie.
Allison Slater Tate of Today.com

3 thoughts on “‘Meanest Mom Ever’ Dumps Kids’ Treats for Not Saying Thanks

  • April 25, 2016 at 6:25 PM

    You, Jaime Sullivan, are now one of my heroes. You shouldn’t be but in this time of indifference, callousness and entitlement, you stand tall. Your expectations used to be the norm but now, it seems, it is the exception. Please continue. Your children will be wonderful and appreciative and caring adults who will teach their children to be the same. Bless you and your family.

  • April 28, 2016 at 6:32 AM

    That is something that a lot of parents are not teaching kids today, common courtesy, and respect.

  • May 14, 2016 at 6:11 PM

    I was happy to see this. She made her point in a way that her kids understood. Something most parents don’t even try to do. Thank You


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