Is Netflix Hurting your Health?

Is Netflix Hurting your Health?

Is Netflix Hurting your Health?

Did you know that approximately 60 percent of Americans regularly binge watch TV? I know I am guilty of just like the next person, especially on those cold winter nights. Binge watching is defined as watching two or more episodes of the same show in one sitting, that’s right as little as two! It has become increasingly easier with commercial-less online streaming services like Netflix and Hulu. However, as great as it can be to snuggle up on the couch and burn through a whole season of Breaking Bad or Orange is the New Black, there are downsides to binge watching.

Watch out for these undesirable effects of binge watching shows.

Low sperm count.

What?! According to a small study conducted in 2013, men who watched 20 hours of television a week had less sperm than those who watched less than 20 hours. On the opposite side of things, men who exercised 15+ hours a week had more sperm than those who exercised less. If you are looking to boost your sperm count, jump off the couch and fit in some quality physical activity.

Risk of diabetes & heart disease.

Watching more than 2 hours of television a day is associated with an increased risk of heart disease and diabetes. This is in part due to the sedentary nature of watching television, but also due to the unhealthy snacking that often accompanies binge watching sessions. If you do have a marathon night once in a while, watch what you eat and drink water instead of sugary drinks.

Weight gain.

If you sit on a couch long enough, you’re going to gain weight. Try enjoying one episode at a time, and in between episodes get up and do something physical around the house.

Antisocial behavior.

According to a 2013 study, the risk of antisocial behavior in children increased with every additional hour of television watched per week. Do your child a favor and bring them outside to experience nature on a regular basis to boost their fitness and creativity.

Aside from your health, online streaming is also a huge source of procrastination and has the ability to stifle creativity. Yes, Netflix is full of inspiring, and creativity boosting documentaries, so no one’s saying we should totally ditch it. But we should learn to utilize it with responsibility. Like your diet and exercise choices, try practicing moderation with your screen time. You’ll feel better, fitter, healthier, more creative and more connected to the world. Who knows, some of us might even pick up a book!





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