Incredibly Raw Postpartum Images From Real Mothers

Being a new mother and looking at your new body is a feat that you had to accomplish. Once you realized that your body housed your baby for 9 months, your body suddenly had a new meaning. As a new mother and seeing these unrealistic images of women can be a little overwhelming. You don’t need to measure up to these unrealistic standards, or Kim Kardashians postpartum body, please. All moms need to appreciate the beauty in their new body. Here are some real postpartum bodies, from real mothers. (not the social media standard)


“I am 9 years pp..I’ve had 2 daughters. Before kids I weighed 115lbs, now I’m 31 years old and weigh about 135 to 140 it fluctuates. I use to hate what having kids did to my body and was so depressed but over the years I’ve learned to embrace that with every extra pound and stretch mark I’ve gained 2 lives that I would give anything for. My boobs sag my hips feel huge and I have stretch marks all over but I’m okay with that. It took me many years to just accept and love myself for who I am but I’m in a good place now.” Tara, 31


“I’m 2 weeks and 6 days postpartum, still healing obviously since I still have my bandages on! I haven’t showered in like 4 days….. I am exhausted and in a lot of pain. I’m very happy about my body though. It’s bounced back pretty quick and I’m not ashamed of my scar at all:)” Kayla, 23



“10 months pp and I weigh the same exact amount as I did 3 weeks pp… Can’t seem to lose any weight and hate my stretch marks. I’m ready for another though so I guess it doesn’t matter anyways! I love my baby and one day I’ll have my body back!”

Maya, 20



“7 months PP. Honestly I feel like I’m on someone else’s body. I was ALWAYS a 00 so being a size 8 now is VERY different. This weekend I finally warmed up to the fact this is the new me. I’m a mom now and my body is like this for my son. That finally clicked and made it all ok? ” Lauren, 19


“I’d take midnight cuddles and her laughter over being a size 6 again ANY DAY! Our bodies change, our hair falls out, and let’s be honest we can’t laugh anymore with out peeing a little. But soon enough it will be worth it! Hang in there ladies! I hope this makes you all feel NOT alone!!! You will get past it!!! I AM fucking SUPER WOMAN and I love my battle scars. ❤️” Gwendolyn, 22


5 months pp

Crystal, 22


“I’m 6 months pp had 2 kids 11 months apart I can’t stand looking at my self in the mirror I don’t think I’ll ever be happy in my skin anymore” Eera, 20


“This is 3 1/2 months pd. I’m happy with my body so far & the progress I’ve made. I was 115 pre pregnancy and I’m 115 now. I wouldn’t trade this new body for the world because this is what my son did to me. I love the extra skin and the stretch marks. As women, we are built to carry these sweet babies. Women should love their bodies after delivery. YOU bared a child for 9 months. It’s the most amazing thing a woman could ever do. Don’t ever feel like you’re body isn’t up to par anymore.. And don’t EVER let a man degrade your body. You’re body is perfect. ??” Dixie, 21


I’m 8 months PP! I weighed 132 before the baby and I weigh 142 now, some days I feel like I’m a goddess and others I don’t even want to leave the house I feel so fat but I’m learning to love myself! Goose, 20


“I am 22 and not so confident after dealing with depression And losing a lot of weight and then gaining a lot on and off. After breastfeeding the girls for three years they definitely sucked the life out of them haha.” Kelsea






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