Children that consume more than twelve hot dogs monthly increase their risk of childhood leukemia by 9 times, study suggests

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Generally, Americans eat a lot of hot dogs, especially on great holidays like 4th of July when around 155 million wieners are consumed. And, in the period between Memorial Day and Labor Day, we eat around 7 billion hot dogs. Can you believe that?

Where’s the Problem in That?

A cancer research journal shared one USC epidemiologist report saying that kids consuming more than twelve hot dogs in a month period, increases the risk of children leukemia by 9 times.

Nitrates in Hot Dogs


Hot dogs contain nitrite additives which form carcinogens. Hot dogs pose risk of developing leukemia’s (cancer in children), and last year this was proven by 3 different studies.


Peters and a team of researchers analyzed the link between the intake of specific foods and the risk of leukemia in kids from birth to ten-year age between 1980 and 1987 in Los Angeles. The results showed that kids who were consuming more than twelve hot dogs monthly, have increased risk of childhood leukemia by 9 times. Another important conclusion was that the risk for childhood leukemia was also increased in kids whose fathers consumed more than twelve hot dogs monthly.

Savitz and Sarusua are researchers who studied Denver cases of childhood cancer. They discovered that pregnant women who ate one or more hot dogs per week, have increased the risk of brain tumors to their kids by two times. This was also discovered by Bunin and his team of researchers. Also, kids whose weekly intake of hot dogs was more than one, had raised risk of brain cancer.

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How Hot Dogs Cause Cancer

The nitrites in hot dogs, which are used as preservatives to prevent botulism, combine with the naturally present amines in meat during the cooking process, which ends up with formation of carcinogenic N-nitroso compounds. There’s also a risk of nitrites combining with amines in our stomach to create these N-nitroso compounds, which are associated with urinary bladder, oral cavity, stomach, esophagus, and brain

What Other Food Products Contain Nitrites?

All cured meats, such as fish and bacon.

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Do All Hot Dogs Pose a Risk for Childhood Cancer?

Luckily, the answer is no. There are hot dogs which do not contain   nitrites, and you will recognize them by their color which is brownish instead of reddish. Although less appealing than the red ones, they have the same taste. These nitrite-free hot dogs are completely safe when cooked.

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