Get Your Abs Summer Ready With The “No Crunch” Core Plan

Join Coach Karen for a 6-week full-body virtual bootcamp! This course is perfect for even the busiest person, Balance Virtual Bootcamp can be done in the comfort of your own home with minimal equipment. Most of the workouts will be 30-40 minutes—efficient, effective exercise is what Balance is known for!


Today, the warm up is simple:
Sit cross-legged with your hands on your knees.

  • Stir your torso around in a circle slowly, breathing in as you move to the back and out as you move to the front. Stir FIVE times in one direction, then FIVE times in the other direction.
  • Pull the navel to the spine, hollow out the belly and round your back as you bring your chin to your chest and exhale.  Then push the hands down on the knees, lift the chin and chest and squeeze the shoulder blades together as you exhale.  Do TEN sets (both parts.)
  • Place the right hand on the floor, inhale and extend the left hand above the head.  As you exhale, bend to the right.  Stay here for FIVE breaths.  Repeat to the other side.

yoga mat
ONE heavy dumbbell (DBs)– 10-15 pounds, depending on *your* fitness level
resistance tube
stability ball (SB)
 (or ottoman)

For today’s workout, you’ll do a certain number of repetitions (reps) of each exercise based on your fitness level, resting as little as possible between exercises:

Beginners, 12 reps
Intermediate, 15 reps
Advanced, 20 reps

When you see R+L next to an exercise, that means you should perform the exercise on the RIGHT side of the body, rest 10-15 seconds, then perform the same exercise on the LEFT side of the body.

Cobra on SB– lay prone with hips on ball and hands behind the head.  (Brace your feet against a wall for extra stability.)  push hips into the ball to lift torso.

Overhead reach on SB– lay on SB in bench position, weight pushing through heels and hips high. hold a single DB on the ends, and with straight arms, arc the DB from the waist up and over the head until arms are extended alongside the ears and the weight is directly overhead (behind you).

Overhead circles with DB– stand with your feet hip-width apart, and hold a DB on the ends.  with straight arms, hold the DB overhead and make small circles, keeping the torso as still as possible.  perform half the reps in one direction, then change direction for the second half of the reps.

Centipede– crouch down and place hands on floor in front of you. walk hands away from the body until you are in a push-up position.  walk feet in to hands. return to standing.  (turn around to repeat)

Backstroke– Sit in v-position, with arms extended and knees bent but feet off of the floor.  While balancing on sit bones, keep torso lifted out of the pelvis & make backwards arm circles, alternating arms. R arm + L arm = 1 repetition.

Walking Plank– in a forearm plank position, extend one elbow to come up onto one hand, then extend the other elbow to come into full plank position.  next bend one elbow to lower back down onto a forearm, and then bend the other elbow to return to a forearm plank.  (this is ONE repetition– do as many as possible, up to the rep count listed above)

weighted lateral flexion R+L – hold one 10-15 lb db in the R hand with arm hanging at side.  flex body to the R side, lowering weight as much as possible.  using L side obliques, return to standing.  after completing all reps, switch weight to L side repeat movement  to the L.

Side Plank Lift/Lower R+L– lay on your side with the forearm in contact with the mat bent with the elbow under the shoulder.  lift hips off of the mat so the body is a straight line from head to toes (or knees).  keep the legs and hips stacked. lower the hips back to the mat– without transferring your weight into the mat– and raise up again.

Marching Side Plank R+L– lay on your side with the forearm in contact with the mat bent with the elbow under the shoulder.  lift hips off of the mat so the body is a straight line from head to toes.  keep the legs and hips stacked.  bend the top leg so the knee comes in to the chest without rounding the back.  lengthen the leg back to side plank position.  repeat.  to make this more challenging, alternate legs by dropping the top leg behind the lower foot as the lower leg bends in toward the chest, then extends long again.

Quadruplex–  in an all fours position, lift opposite arm & opposite leg, flexing at the wrist and ankle.  Keep hips level.  The goal is extension/length NOT lift/height.  Lower slowly.

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