Four New Parent Mistakes to Avoid

Four New Parent Mistakes to Avoid

Four New Parent Mistakes to Avoid

We all get advice when we are first time newbie parents, but no matter what you’ve heard, DO NOT try these dangerous baby moves!

  1. Nibbling on your child’s nails instead of trimming them.

Four New Parent Mistakes to AvoidSome moms do this because an infant’s nails are so tiny and difficult to cut, but it’s a bad idea. Nibbling can cause an ingrown nail and you’re likely to introduce bacteria in an opening of the skin. Stick to a baby file or trimmer.

2-Wiping gums with whiskey to relieve teething pain.

Four New Parent Mistakes to Avoid

NEVER rub alcohol onto an infant’s gums. It’s ineffective and the alcohol is dangerous to your baby.

  1. Letting family pet sleep in the crib with your baby

Four New Parent Mistakes to AvoidThere should be nothing extra besides your baby in the crib, no blanket, animals, stuffed animals, nothing. If you’re worried about keeping your baby warm, try a wearable blanket.

  1. Feeding him cow’s milk if you run out of formula.

Four New Parent Mistakes to Avoid
Giving a child younger than 12 months old cow’s milk can result in intestinal bleeding.

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