Dealing With Summer Heat Means Making These Changes

We are here. The days of take a shower, run errands, head home and take another shower have arrived. It’s summer in America, and with the heat that arrived without visiting much of a spring first, some simple changes to the routine are in order.

First off, all outdoor activity should be done in the morning, while the temperatures are still cool from the darkness of night. This includes:

Exercise (I try to walk before the sun clears the houses and tree canopy in the neighborhood.)

Walking dogs – remember, dogs wear a coat year round. They get hot just like humans do.

Water outdoor plants – watering during the heat of the day when the plants are warm will essentially boil them according to my great-grandfather who was a farmer.

Everyone needs to remember to increase their water intake. The reason is very simple. In the summer heat, we lose water through sweat, which is good for us in many ways, but that water must be replaced for proper internal organ function. Dehydration is especially hard on kidneys and can lead to kidney stones down the line.

For comfort and to help keep from overheating, wear light-colored, loose clothing that will breathe. Lighter colors reflect sunlight and heat, and darker colors absorb them. Loose clothing allows the body to cool itself more efficiently.

As long as they are in season, eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. WebMD specifically recommends eating berries of all sorts, but all fruits and vegetables contain much-needed water (hydration) and electrolytes that humans lose regularly through perspiration (sweat) when it is hot.

Always remember the power of the sun. While it is most beneficial to go outside for fifteen minutes or so without any sun protection to get vitamin D, any other time, the sun can be more enemy than friend. Sunscreen, sun hats, and shade are friends when the sun is high in the sky.

So, there you have it. Please stay safe this summer and remember to take precautions in the heat.

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