Dealing With Negative Nancy

Dealing With Negative Nancy

Negative Nancy


We all know that one person that can brighten up the room when they walk in and we also know plenty of people who brighten the room as soon as they walk out of it! Negative people can sometimes make even the most positive people think negative thoughts and bring them down to the negative and pessimistic way of thinking. Negativity is unproductive, and it will emotionally drain you throughout the day. The reality is that many people feed off of negativity and they just don’t feel right if they aren’t complaining about something or someone. If that’s you or someone you know, try these helpful tips to help get rid of those negative thoughts and think more positive.




Change Your Words

Negative NancyTry avoiding words like “never” and “can’t” for a day. Instead of saying that you can never do something right, or that you can’t do it, say that you’ve struggled with it in the past, but will do what you can to change that!




Don’t Be a Hater

Negative NancyThese days, unfortunately, it’s much more acceptable and popular to try and tear people down rather than to speak positively about them. Don’t fall into this category, if someone you know has more material things than you have, or has achieved more in life, be happy for them. You will see that this positive feeling will rub off on you and push you to do more for yourself.


Avoid Gossip

Negative NancyThis one might be a little difficult, because it is human nature to get juicy details on someone when they aren’t there. However, all this does is lead to negative thoughts about that person which isn’t good for anyone.




 Do Things that You Happy!

Negative NancyTake time out for you! If you aren’t happy, you will naturally think negative.  Go for a bike ride, go to the gym, or do whatever it takes to put you into a happy place.




Random Acts of Kindness

Negative NancyIf you’re having one of those days where you just want to escape from this world, try to brighten someone else’s day. These random acts of kindness can be as simple as helping someone put groceries into their car, or even paying for their coffee without them knowing. These simple gestures will help you feel a lot better when you know you made someone else’s day a little better.


Write down Negative Thoughts

Negative NancyThis might really surprise you, but every time you have a negative thought, jot it down on a piece of paper. At the end of the day, review what you wrote down for that day and rephrase your thoughts into positive sentences. Practice doing this for a week and you will realize how often you have negative thoughts throughout the day.



Distance Yourself from Negative People and Their Toxicity

 Negative NancyYou might have to distance yourself from some of your friends and family. When you eliminate having those toxic people that constantly are complaining, gossiping or trying to bring you down, you will see the sun in your life again. Anyone that brings you down does not deserve to be in your life. Try replacing them with positive people and thinkers.


Coffee and a Stroller

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