Cellphone Radiation Risks for Children


A growing number of prominent doctors and scientists are raising warning flags over radiation associated with cell phone usage, and your kids could be facing a greater risk of exposure.

The experts say children are exposed to an exponentially greater amount of radio frequency than any adult will ever be in a lifetime.

Smart phones today have multiple antennas located inside the phone. When you talk, text, stream music or videos, they emit non-iodizing radiation similar to a low-powered microwave oven.

Dr. Devra Davis a former White House senior health adviser and says, “It is the irregular pulsed signal over thousands of minutes, over many years that we believe can cause a great problem for children and the rest of us as well.”

Cell phone providers say they follow all safety guidelines put into place by the FCC. Those cell phone companies then work with independent labs to test your device.

The current FCC safety standard was developed nearly 20 years ago. The test at a lab in Milipitas, California starts by taping a phone to the “ear” of a plastic head the size of 200 pound man. It’s then filled with liquid.

The fluids used in the test best replicate the properties inside the human head, with it, scientists are able to determine how much radiation is penetrating inside the human brain.

The robotic arm precisely moves to various hotspots on the head to test the “Specific Absorption Rate.”

The phone NBC reporters tested for this story was within the FCC allowed radiation limit but critics say these standards are outdated, and urge the federal agency to adopt stricter radiation guidelines.

Current FCC standards do not account for the unique vulnerability and use patterns specific to pregnant women and children — warns the American Academy of Pediatrics in a letter to the FCC.

Dr Davis say, “Children are not little adults. Their skull is thinner and the volume of the brain is less compared to a 200 plus size man.”

The U.S. Government Accountability Office also asked the FCC to consider re-assessing the exposure limit, in particular, the radiation limit when holding the phone directly against the body, like when you carry it in your pocket, hold it directly against your ear, or as some teens do, keeping it on their pillow at night.

Dr. Davis says, phones are transmitting radiation so long as they are connected to the internet or connected to the wifi. And even if you’re not talking on your phone, your phone is talking to the tower.”

Critics of the FCC’s current guidelines advice for all consumers is simple: use speaker phone or an earpiece and remember distance is your friend and keeping a phone even a few inches off your body reduces exposure several thousand times.

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