CAUTION: This common toy almost strangled this little boy to death


PLEASE SHARE!!!  .. Yesterday my little boy was very lucky however i couldnt forgive myself if i didnt put a warning out there and some wee one wasnt as lucky as Brooklyn!! He played with this toy most days, bouncing it downstairs & stretching it etc .. unfortunately yesterday he decided to wrap it round his neck 3 times to the point he struggled to get a breath. It was so tight around his neck i couldnt get a big enough gap to fit scissors through and cut it off. However after pulling it from the back (and choking him in the process) i managed to get some of it cut only to find it was metal wire inside and was alot harder to cut through. Each second that passed was a second closer to loosing Brooklyn but luckily i managed to get it cut and off his neck leaving his neck all cut and very sore. I know slinkys have been about for years but any mummys & daddys on here could yous please ensure u dont leave ur child alone playing with a slinky. (I only nipped into kitchen to sort his nursery stuff, wouldnt even say he was left as long as a minute). It couldve ended in a whole different way but luckily i still have a happy healthy 3 year old to tell the tale. Please share this as much as we can just to put awareness out there how harmless but also dangerous slinkys can be especially if you have an adventurous toddler that decides to wrap it round his neck. I would never in a million years thought a slinky couldve potentially taken my wee boy ????

Not only does Emma Bozner know how lucky she is that her son is still alive, but she is also hoping that social media will keep another parent from enduring the same ordeal.

Her 3-year-old son, Brooklyn, was playing with his favorite toy — he typically bounced his Paw Patrol slinky around and found great amusement from stretching it. But in less than a minute, he had wrapped the slinky around his neck three times — to the point that he was struggling to breathe.

“It was so tight around his neck I couldn’t get a big enough gap to fit scissors through and cut it off,” Emma shared in a Facebook post. After pulling the toy that she once considered harmless from the back and choking him even more in the process, she managed to cut part of it. However, the metal wire inside was even harder to break through than the plastic coating.

“Each second that passed was a second closer to losing Brooklyn, but luckily I managed to get it cut and off his neck, leaving his neck all cut and very sore,” Emma described. “I know slinkys have been [around] for years but any mommies and daddies on here, could you please ensure that you don’t leave your child alone playing with a slinky?”

Even though Emma still has a healthy son, she wants everyone to share her experience so that it will raise awareness about just how dangerous this old-fashioned toy can actually be — especially in the hands of an adventurous toddler!


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