Be a Part of the Healthy Kids Club!

Be a Part of the Healthy Kids Club!

 Healthy Kids Club!

For many of us, family life runs on a tight schedule. In the mornings, we rush to get everyone out of the house and off to school or work. In the afternoons, we rush to after-school activities before rushing them home to eat, bathe and finish homework before it’s time for bed again. We let an electronic device babysit our children while we continue working on whatever project that needs to be finished. We send work emails while our kids sit at band practice, we take conference calls driving in the car and all the while our kids are watching and listening. We are so restricted on time that we roll through the drive-thru because we don’t have time to make a healthy dinner at home. We opt for turning on the TV instead of taking an evening walk after dinner, because we are just so tired from the hectic day that we have had.

Children learn from our behaviors, let’s show them that being healthy and active is fun and that we can make time for the smaller things in life, like spending quality time together. Here are a few things that you can do at home to get your children excited about joining the Healthy Kids Club!


Dance! Dance! Dance! Healthy Kids Club!


Get silly and have a dance party with your child! Put on some music and just dance!


Go for a scavenger hunt

 Healthy Kids Club!Instead of asking your children if they want to go for a walk after dinner, make it a fun by giving them a list of 5 to 10 items to find in the neighborhood.


Blend veggies into the pasta sauce

 Healthy Kids Club!Most kids love spaghetti but don’t want to eat the veggies on their plates. Boil the veggies and blend with the pasta sauce, pour over favorite pasta and your children will think it’s just their plain old spaghetti.


Local farms and markets

 Healthy Kids Club!Take your children to local farms and markets and have them pick out the fruits and vegetables. When they have a sense of “owning it” they are more likely to want to eat it. If possible, plant your own small garden with your child, they will feel a sense of accomplishment and will eagerly want to enjoy what they have grown.


Create a chart

 Healthy Kids Club!Children love to be rewarded and they love sticker charts even more. Create a Healthy Kids Club chart with three boxes underneath it. Whenever your child does something healthy – exercise or eat a piece of fruit, for example – they get to put a sticker in their box. The goal is to do three healthy things per day. (Reading books counts as brain health.)


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