Baby’s Face Was So Deformed His Parents Didn’t Want Him, But LOOK At Him Now

When Adam’s biological parents saw their newborn, they refused to take him home with them. Under the fear of being shamed by their community in India, the parents warned the hospital staff if they were forced to take the baby home they would kill him.

The baby boy was born without a nose, eyelids, and hands. His legs were also fused together. In spite of these physical limitations, Adam’s heart, brain, and lungs are perfectly healthy. It would take a village to not only give Adam the love and care his parents refused him but also attend to his medical needs.

Adam was born at a Christian missionary hospital in India.

A baby boy.

His parents were horrified at his deformities, threatening to poison and kill the newborn.

Fearing their baby.

Adam was born with a rare condition called Bartsocias-Papas. Doctors did not expect him to live for very long.

Some people called him a curse.

Raja and Jessica Paulraj are a married couple as well as the doctor and nurse at the hospital.

Love at first sight.

The couple had only been married for six months when they met Adam. They chose to adopt him right away.

One visit.

Jessica contacted friends in the United States, searching for someone who may be able to help them.

Reaching out.

Under the leadership of Dr. John Van Aalst from the University of North Carolina Children’s Hospital a team of doctors joined forces to help Adam.

Doctors step in.

The little boy has endured many surgeries to build his eyelids, fix his cleft lip, construct a nose, and give him a palate that allows him to eat food. He has also had cysts removed from his ears and nose.


Adam laughs a lot and crawls everywhere. He is also a big brother to two boys.


Because Adam is not an American citizen he does not qualify for health insurance. Jessica and Raja have paid for the medical bills out of pocket but strangers from all over the United States have donated close to $100,000 as well.

Guardian angels everywhere.

Adam still needs more surgery and more money is needed to cover the medical expenses.

Still more needed.

Jessica has a blog where she documents the family’s wins and struggles. She sees her boy deserving a life like anyone else. “Adam has no need to justify his existence. His existence is justified because He was made by a Holy God. And made in His image, despite all the flaws our human eyes see,” writes the mother of three.

A mother's love.

Adam does not speak yet, he needs another surgery that will fix his palate. Doctor Van Aalst says, “the first time he says ‘mommy’ or ‘daddy,’ I can just see Jessica and Raja breaking down in tears.”

Waiting for a another milestone.

Jessica does not judge Adam’s birth mother. She hopes to one day find her and introduce her to her son.

No judging.

The family has not stopped travelling, venturing into new things because of Adam’s disabilities. They take him and their two other boys along for the ride.

So many adventures

If you want to help with the medical costs to care for Adam, you can visit this page.

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