Are Skinny Jeans On Their Way Out?

If there is any one thing all fashionistas know, it is that old becomes new, and trends and styles only last for so long. That was the hope of so many of us out on the fruited plain and around the world who did not and do not have the legs, tush, or waistline that looks anywhere close to good in skinny jeans.

Trust us. There are some things the world just should not see.

So, it was quite a joyous event when a slideshow on popped up: 11 Best Boyfriend Jeans. It seems that the wearers of skinny jeans need more room to be comfortable, so an old standby is coming back. Again.

That’s the thing with jeans. There are so many different styles, and they cycle through over a number of years on a regular basis. Boyfriend jeans are more relaxed with a lower waist. They also tend to be more of a lighter blue denim. Several of the images even show rolled up cuffs.

The original boyfriend jeans were, of course, the wearer’s boyfriend’s jeans. Men’s jeans are cut differently than women’s jeans. But just like with suits, collared shirts, and fedoras, once women began wearing menswear items, more feminine versions developed. Boyfriend jeans are (ironically) women’s men’s jeans.

That is the Bing search way of saying, no we girls really don’t want to dress like guys. We just want to be comfortable in our clothes.

And so it is that the skinny jeans may well be headed for the fashion mothballs for a while, maybe even a generation or two. But, just like everything else that is supposed to be good and fashionable, sooner or later the love affair comes to an end.

For the more full-figured among us, this trend is one that we’re more than happy to shed.

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