A Summer MUST DO: Stay Hydrated

Now that summer has pushed spring aside, it is time to start remembering all the things we need to do when the weather gets hot. One of those items is staying hydrated.

It is actually important to stay hydrated year round. Having enough water passing through the system assists elimination organs in the body with forcing out the toxins that make us sick. Unlike the winter when we are usually reaching for hot, caffeinated drinks, during the summer, when we are sweating on a regular basis, it’s best to reach for plain old water, rather than soda and iced tea.

Dr. Axe explains how much water that is.

Your No. 1 goal should be to start drinking half of your body weight in ounces of water a day…

I recommend that if you weigh around 160 pounds, carry around a 20-ounce container of water and drink four of those a day to increase that water consumption.

For easy reference, a gallon of water is 128 ounces, half a gallon 64. Most people will need to drink an amount of water somewhere between the two.

Drinking water, though, is only half the battle. The other half is electrolytes found in many fruits and vegetables which contain a lot of water:

Bell peppers
Citrus fruit
Iceberg lettuce

Honeydew melon, zucchini, all lettuces (actually), and some meats contain not just necessary nutrients, but water as well. Making sure these fruits and vegetables are in the diet are vital to summer health.

This is not to say that caffeinated beverages and even alcohol cannot be enjoyed in moderation, but they should be followed up with a water chaser of some sort. Still, water is always a good idea, but sparkling water which goes into the bloodstream a little faster is also one way to go.

It is possible to drink too much water and suffer ill effects. To avoid them, spread drinking water out as the day goes on.

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