9 Mistakes You Make When You Shower Every Day



Although it may seem a much more hygienic option, the fact is that showering (and lathering) more than once a day may even be harmful to our dermis.

Did you know that when we shower, we make a series of mistakes that, for the sake of our general health, are best remedied as soon as possible?

The perfect shower should never exceed 5 or 10 minutes in length, nor the 95 liters of water used in the bathroom. Check if you also make these mistakes and try to amend them to enjoy greater well-being.

The water temperature is too hot
A hot shower feels great on a chilly winter’s morning or after a long, hard day at work, but that hot water isn’t great for your skin or your hair. It removes too much of your natural oils, which is why hot water works better when you’re cleaning something like a greasy pan. It also causes the skin to turn red due to increased blood circulation, which then creates an inflammatory response that can result in a rash and itchy dry skin. Your skin is more likely to flake, and your hair is more likely to frizz too.

While hopping into a cold shower would be pretty miserable unless it’s a scorching hot day, just try to keep the temperature as cool as you can handle it, at most bringing it to skin temperature, especially if your skin is prone to dryness.

No exfoliation
If you think a soft, gentle sponge is all it takes to get dead skin cells off your body, you’re, unfortunately, wrong. Exfoliation takes a bit more: you can make your own scrub from brown sugar, ground coffee or whatever you have handy, or you can use a loofah, for instance, though not too rough – no extreme is good. The exfoliant is up to you but make sure you use it regularly to keep your skin in good shape.

You wash your hair every day
Are you jumping in the shower every day and washing your hair when you do? That’s not the best idea if you want to have healthy, attractive looking locks. Experts specializing in the hair and scalp say that’s a big no-no. If you have thin, fine hair you should shampoo no more than twice a week to help maintain the hair’s natural oil production and achieve moisture balance. If you have curly, or coarse hair, shampooing is recommended only once a week as it takes longer to establish a sufficient amount of natural oils. If you can’t stand going that long without it, try refreshing your hair about midway through the week by applying only a conditioner and rinsing it out thoroughly afterward.

You use your fingernails to scrub your scalp
A scalp scrub feels fabulous, but don’t use those fingernails as it causes more harm than good. That’s because they can scratch the scalp which may cause flaking. Avoid using your nails and use just your fingertips to work up a lather when shampooing. Don’t get too aggressive when rubbing those strands of hair either, as you could end up with damage and split ends.

Showering for too long
Take your time, but not longer than you need. Otherwise, it’ll be counterproductive for you.
Like we’ve indicated, you should never take a shower for more than 10 minutes.

As with hot water, showering for too long dries your skin out more. And, it causes problems like blackheads and irritation.

Showering twice
Showering more than once a day might be something you normally do. This is especially true if you go to the gym or do physical work. But, this isn’t good either.

If you need to take a second shower, try to make it as quick as possible without soap: just try to rinse off any sweat and dirt.

You’re overdoing the shower gel
Some people just love shower gels. Perhaps it’s the scent or the fun of lathering up, it’s hard to say, but unless you’re three years old and playing around in the bath, there’s really no excuse. It does the same thing as staying in the shower too long and using water that’s too hot – it strips the skin of its natural oils, necessary for it to remain healthy. In addition to making your skin itch, it can also aggravate problems like eczema too.

Avoid shaving while bathing
Many women who shave do so in the shower. This is because it’s much more comfortable.

However, you should keep in mind that shaving your legs when taking a shower can cause irritation.

Too much exfoliation
As we said, no extreme is good. Important as exfoliation is, you don’t need to do it every day because this could have a boomerang effect. The more you scrub, the more likely your skin is to start producing more sebum, the oily substance that keeps it moisturised and acts as a trap for bacteria and dirt, to compensate. You might end up with oilier skin than you like, so go easy on the scrubs.

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