8 Ways Your Slow Cooker Can Save You Money

I absolutely love my slow cooker! This one on Amazon.com has over 1,200 5 STAR reviews and it is totally affordable at $46.63. You can also opt for an Instant Pot. This is will give you 7 unique uses, so you’ll never waste money eating out again!

Meal Planning

Using a slow cooker forces you to plan ahead. You can’t come home and just throw something into the slow cooker and have it ready within an hour. By planning out meals, you’ll spend less at the grocery store.

Stop Eating out

You had a busy day and then realize that you have no clue what you will feed your family for dinner. So, you swing through the drive through and pretty soon, you’ve spent a lot of extra money each month. On days like this, use Crockpot Freezer Meals, where all of your prepping for a week of meals at one time. Come home to a healthy home cooked meal, even when there’s no time to cook.

Stop Buying Convenience Foods

Use the slow cooker to enjoy home-cooked meals that taste better than prepackaged convenience foods.

Cook in Bulk

If you have a large slow cooker that holds 6-7 quarts, you can make large batches of food to serve your family for more than one meal. If you prefer not to eat the leftovers, freeze them for another meal later in the month.

Eat More Beans

Eating beans on a regular basis saves money. You can use beans in place of meat or you can use them to stretch out your meat dollars by replacing a portion of the meat with beans. This works best when using ground beef. Of course, just eating a big pot of beans that doesn’t require meat, works well, too.

Time Equals Money

When I use slow cooker recipes, I have found that I spend a lot less time in the kitchen. If you look at your time as an hourly wage, you could be freeing up a few hours each week to spend on making money elsewhere. You could use that extra time to work on your home business or other money making ventures. If you don’t have another way to make money, consider using your extra time to begin creating a side income.

Saves Money on Electricity

When you use your oven during the summer, you end up heating up the house. Your air conditioner has to stay on longer to cool it back down, thus costing you more money. By using your slow slow cooker during the summer, you are saving money on those cooling costs.

Save Your Scraps

If you have leftovers of any vegetables or meats, place them in a baggie in your freezer. Eventually your bag will be full and you can turn it into vegetable soup that you can make in the slow cooker.

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