8 Signs Your Child Is Spoiled

When you tell your child you’re going on a special trip or going out for a special treat, does your child seem barely enthused?
Your kid may be too spoiled and taking these things for granted because he or she gets them too often!

No Please, No Thank You
Does your child forget to use common manners? Not only is he or she rude but also spoiled (most likely).

Demands Things, Doesn’t Ask
If your child demands things but doesn’t ask, chances are they’re spoiled.

Instant Tears
Does the word “no” send your child into tears? If you answered yes and your child is of a certain age, it’s a bad sign, but the most telling sign of all is if you give in to your child (or not).

Guilt Factor
Does your older child use the guilt card because you work, are divorced, don’t have as much money as his friends, or are stricter than his friends’ parents?

Your bratty child will use guilt to get what he wants, and it works, but only with you. Not with the rest of the world.

Doesn’t Want to Participate
Your spoiled child may not want to join in or participate because he or she believes certain things or activities aren’t good or exciting enough. This type of attitude comes from the parents, so if your child is like this, look at yourself and your beliefs about entitlement. An attitude adjustment is in order for all.

Lacks Gratitude
The spoiled child lacks gratitude for little and big favors done for him or her by family or friends. Note this. Gratitude should be taught early on in childhood.

Rude to Store Clerks, Teacher Assistants, Elderly, Etc.
If your child is rude to people in his or her everyday life, look at yourself and your partner for a clue that perhaps you may be rude and your child might be spoiled.

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