7 Ways To Treat A Fever Naturally


Anyone who’s had a fever knows how miserable and worrisome they can be. Even the slightest increase in body temperature can leave us feeling fatigued, chilled, and generally under the weather as our body uses one of its most potent strategies against invading illnesses – raising our temperature to kill it off.

If that’s your case too, let’s look at some effective and natural alternatives for when your little one has a high temperature.

Tips for reducing a fever:

1. Drink a lot of water. A fever is similar to dehydration. The body is fighting foreign organisms. So drinking water, herbal tea or juice is a great idea, especially if the fever is accompanied by vomiting and diarrhea. The quantity depends on the age of the patient (3 liters for adult males, 2.2 liters for females and 1.5 liters for children).

2. Place wet socks on the ankles. This is an excellent solution for children. Simply dampen them a little and place them over the ankle area. When the socks feel dry, repeat the procedure. Make sure they aren’t dripping wet, and wring them out well. This method brings relief and calms sick children down.

3. Cool down the head and neck. Use a cold or wet cloth. Repeat as many times as needed – when the cloth dries or no longer feels cool.

4. Take a bath in lukewarm water. This temperature will feel plenty cool when you have a fever, and the bath should help bring your body temperature down. Don’t try to bring a fever down rapidly by plunging yourself into cold water; that tactic sends blood rushing to internal organs, which is how your body defends itself from cold. Your interior actually warms up instead of cooling down.

5. Another way to draw blood to the feet is with a mustard footbath. In a basin large enough for your feet, add two teaspoons of mustard powder to four cups of hot water, then soak.

6. Orange juice and other fruit juices rich in vitamin C are good choices, since the vitamin C assists your immune system in fighting off infection.

7. Cold grapes provide hydration-and a soothing treat.

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