7 Ways to Encourage your Toddler to Talk

7 Ways to Encourage your Toddler to Talk

7 Ways to Encourage your Toddler to Talk



Try to talk as much to your child about many things, such as how his day at playschool was, who his favorite teacher, his best friend, etc. This will encourage him to express himself even if he has difficulty putting sentences together.

Read to your Child

Every night before putting your toddler to bed, read him out a new story. This will give him an immense amount of exposure to the world of language while also sparking up his imagination. Encourage your child to both listen and read the stories.

Provide a Learning Atmosphere

Learning isn’t just about what your child learns at school. Make sure you take your child to explore various places such as a park, a supermarket, a mall, a library, etc. Later, at dinner, ask what they enjoyed the most of where they went. This is a great way to fuel your child’s inquisitive nature that will further aid his learning process and memory.


Limit Electronics

You may think that your toddler can learn a lot about language by watching movies and cartoons on the TV or iPad. Being glued to gadgets may expose your child to new ideas and concepts, but it can also make him susceptible to health concerns like poor eyesight and obesity, without adding onto his conversational skills.

Correct Him

A lot of times even if your child makes a mistake during a conversation, you probably ignore it thinking, “He’s just a child, he’ll learn along the way.” What you must remember is that your toddler won’t learn the difference between right and wrong unless you guide him. Kindly show him his mistake and tell him what it should be instead.

Be Patient

If there’s anything that motherhood has taught me, it is that nobody’s parenting journey is the same; nor is the growth chart of their kids. You can’t expect your little one to start walking or talking around the same time that your neighbor’s child did, or for that matter, even when your first child did. You must be patient with your child’s speed and ability to grasp the nitty-gritties of a language. In case your toddler is finding it hard to pick up verbal skills despite all your attempts, it would be a good idea to get some professional assistance.

Avoid Baby Talk

Baby talking can hinder his language learning capabilities. By baby talking, you give your child the impression that it’s ok to use that sort of language to communicate. Try to keep your communication crisp and clear.

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