7 Ways Dancing Is Great For Your Health

There are thousands of different hobbies that you can take up, but there are few that come with as many benefits as dancing.

Just one of the great things that there is about dancing is that it doesn’t matter who you are or how old are you, there are so many different types of dancing to choose from that there will definitely be one to suit you.

Dancing is an enjoyable way to be more physically active and stay fit.
But did you know that dancing is not only fun, it has lots of physical and emotional benefits as well?

Dancing is one of the most recommended physical activities by health professionals and fitness experts.

It reduces stress
Dancing is a fantastic stress buster! You can literally lose yourself in dance, as the music and rhythms take you over. It’s a superb and fun way to work of all the stress of the day and you will feel much calmer and relaxed after a night out dancing.

It builds strong muscles
Dancing builds and tones your muscles in many different parts of your body. You don’t need to be throwing your partner over your head to benefit from dance either! Even the most graceful and gentle of dances will help to tone your body and keep you fit.

Dancing is fun
Above all else, dancing is a lot of fun and there aren’t many things that are this much fun, and that do you good!

It helps you lose weight
One of the main benefits of dancing is that you can lose weight quickly. This is because dance is more than just a recreational activity: it’s cardiovascular exercise.
When you dance, you activate your cardiovascular system and all the muscles in your body in general.

Dancing requires a lot of energy, so during this activity, you’re going to burn calories and fat..

It improves your social relationships
One of the benefits of dancing is that no matter where you are, it helps you make friends.
The release of dopamine and adrenaline will make you a more sociable, friendly person.

If you’re a very shy person, dancing can help you have more confidence and create relationships. You’ll find that the most difficult decision was to make the choice to start dancing in the first place.

Improve your fine motor skills, coordination and balance
Good coordination and balance is what stops you walking into things or falling over. Dancing is a very intricate art form, and as you can see from the routines on Strictly, it requires a lot of coordination and balance.

With a lot of practice, you will even find you become less dizzy when doing a dance that involves lots of spinning around, such as the waltz.

Dancing is also an excellent way of improving your fine motor skills – these are movements involving your hands, fingers, feet and toes, which aren’t necessarily the focus of other types of exercise.

Dance classes can even teach you how to fall more safely, so you’ll learn how to reduce the impact if you do take a tumble.

Help with anxiety
Dance is sometimes used by therapists as a way to cure anxiety. It can help deal with a fear of certain social situations, such as speaking in front of an audience or interacting with people at a party.

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