7 Mistakes That Make It Harder To Wake Up In The Morning

Have you decided that you want to become an early bird but are finding it really difficult to drag yourself out of bed in the morning?

Lots of people set the alarm with the best of intentions, knowing that’s the time they need to get up to meet the day’s demands. But then the alarm clock seems to ring way before they’re ready to rise, so they’re hitting snooze and, eventually, running late.

Here are some of the most common things that you could be doing wrong.

Not having a daily routine

Not having a clear daily routine will make it much more difficult for you to wake up in the morning.

It’s important to bear in mind that our life is governed by our circadian rhythm or simply put, biological clock, which works to alternate between periods of maximum and minimum activity.

If instead of following guidelines and routines, we go to bed at different times each day, we’ll break these cycles.
This can cause drowsiness and fatigue. This is why it’s important to go to bed at the same time every day.

Sleeping late on the weekend
Sleeping in on the weekends is perhaps one of life’s greatest pleasures. However, this little indulgence is just as damaging to your biological clock as a long flight.
The solution is to try and stick to your regular routine on the weekends, even if you stay up later than usual.

Don’t skip breakfast
Breakfast will help your biological clock work correctly.

Bear in mind that if you wait too long until your first meal, your body will increase your level of cortisol, the stress hormone.

Having a drink before you sleep
Despite the fact that this is considered to be one of the best sleep aids, it’s actually terrible for a restful nights slumber. This is because it will increase your deep sleep cycle. Although this sounds like a positive thing, it does so by robbing you of REM sleep, which is imperative for learning and memory. Alcohol can delay your first phase of REM sleep, which will leave your feeling less rested in the morning and therefore make it harder to get up early in the morning. So yes, a bit of booze before bed may help you fall asleep faster, but the quality you get won’t be so great.

Eating late at night
There’s a reason that your parents always said not to go to bed on a full stomach. Not only will you feel full and gross, but it will seriously impair a good nights sleep and make waking up early difficult. This is because your body isn’t supposed to be digesting food when you sleep, it takes too much energy and can make falling asleep difficult. If you do happen to drift off, your body will be working so hard that you won’t be properly rested in the morning. It will be even worse if you have a protein heavy dinner, as it’s harder for the body to process.

Keeping your curtains closed
One of the best ways to wake your body up in the morning is by exposing yourself to sunlight. Doing so triggers a chemical reaction in your brain which helps you to wake up. If you want to wake up even earlier than sunrise, it may be a good idea to purchase a wake up light or a blue therapy light which mimics the effects of sunlight.

Don’t snooze your alarm
If you sleep just a few more minutes once your alarm has gone off, there are no benefits. The only thing you’ll achieve if you go back to sleep is to enter a deep phase of sleep and, when you wake up, you’ll feel even more tired.

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