7 Health Problems Caused By Sleeping With Wet Hair


Going to sleep with wet hair is a very common routine. Whether it is for not making the extra effort of using the blower and wanting to go to rest after a well deserved shower, or because we are headed to the hair salon the very next day. However, very few people are aware that this practice is not as good as it seemed. Having wet hair when going to sleep is actually very dangerous for our health.

Going to bed with wet hair can increase the number of severe headaches you get since moisture causes a sudden change in body temperature.

Wrapping your hair in a towel can make the problem even worse since moisture is retained for a longer period of time.

This affects blood circulation in the scalp and when tension increases, causes pain that can interrupt sleep.

Dandruff and dry scalp
If you suffer from dandruff or dry scalp you may already know what a problem it is to get rid of those pesky white flakes flying out of your head.

When your hair dries unevenly, and there are wet and dry patches all over your head, your scalp becomes even more irritated and sensitive to changes.

This may cause the problems with hair residue to become worse. Moreover, if your hair had been flaking all over your bed and pillow for an extended period of time, you will only be making it worse by going to bed with wet hair.

The flakes that are already on the surface of the bed will stick to the wet hair fibers and make it even worse for you.

What may happen is that you will end up brushing your hair more the next day trying to get the new flakes off. This will only worsen a bad situation, as you will risk altering your naturally occurring dandruff or sensitive dry scalp even more.

Allergies and colds
Changes in body temperature that occur when sleeping with wet hair may weaken the immune system and trigger conditions such as allergies and colds.

Moisture is retained for several hours, which causes your defense mechanisms to weaken, allowing some viruses and bacteria to attack.

Bad Sleep
Finally, one of the reasons why you neglected to blow your hair dry before bed might be the exact opposite consequence in this case: not having a good night sleep. The difference in temperatures between hair and body, the hair dripping cold on our face, and the itchy sensation in our scalp are enough disturbances to keep from actually getting that desired good night sleep that made you go to sleep without taking the time to dry your hair even with a towel.

Muscle pain
Although this can be caused by multiple factors, you can’t rule out damp hair being a trigger.

Hair breakage
If you ever wonder why there is so much hair on your pillow when you wake up in the morning, sleeping without drying your hair is your reason. When wet, your hair breaks easier than normally. Therefore, if you desire you keep your strands in one piece, dry them out.

Itching and Swelling
Fungi that grow on the skin due to wet hair can cause uncomfortable itching and inflammation, even after your hair has dried.

This can become a recurrent problem and often takes several days to disappear if not properly treated.

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