7 Easy Ways to Save Money

7 Easy Ways to Save Money

7 Easy Ways to Save Money

We all want to save money, but who has time for extreme couponing, store hopping or price scanning?

Try these simple and smart strategies and start saving money now!

Commit to bringing lunch to work every day for a week.

7 Easy Ways to Save MoneyMake an extra sandwich while prepping your kid’s lunch. Not only will you be eating healthier, but you’re cutting your take-out tab. Get your spouse to join in and double the savings!

YOU SAVE $50/mo

Refill empty ink cartridge

7 Easy Ways to Save Money

When your printer runs out of ink, take the original empty cartridge to a store that refills the. You can also purchase remanufactured cartridges that have been recycled and refilled.

You save $8.70/mo

Consider using a no-fee bank provider

7 Easy Ways to Save Money

Digital banks like Capital One 360 or Ally Bank don’t charge the usual fees that other banks do and they offer interest accruing accounts.

YOU SAVE $12.87/mo

Wireless Data

7 Easy Ways to Save Money

You may be paying for too much data on your family wireless plan. The average person uses less that 2GB per month. Check your family’s usage and consider downsizing the data threshold. Cell phone companies send you a notification if you are ever near your limit.

YOU SAVE $20/mo

Switch out light bulbs

7 Easy Ways to Save Money

Switch out the most used light bulbs in your home to Energy Star CFL bulbs. Most CFL’s pay for themselves in the first nine months, and they last longer that the incandescent bulbs you’re replacing.

YOU SAVE $3/mo

Make 1 dinner a week using only what’s already in your pantry.

7 Easy Ways to Save Money

About 25% of a family’s grocery spending is wasted on spoiled food. Use the USDA’s free FoodKeeper app to track the expiration dates on perishables to avoid further waste.

YOU SAVE $47.28/mo

Check tire pressure

7 Easy Ways to Save Money

On your next stop at the gas station, check your tire pressure and refill accordingly. Do this once a month and you can improve your mileage by 3.3%.

YOU SAVE $4.61/mo

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