6 Ways To Enhance Your Child’s Development

When your child is struggling developmentally, it can be difficult to know exactly what to do. From ADHD, dyslexia to Asperger syndrome or difficulty making friends, no matter what your child is struggling with, it’s never easy on parents (or the kids, for that matter).

That’s why it’s important to come up with an action plan that will help your child become the best, happiest version of him or herself. Here are seven holistic ways to enhance your child’s development and help them thrive.


1. Make sure your kids exercise.

Not only is regular exercise proven to help with mental health, but outdoor exercise is especially beneficial. Studies show that spending time outside has a positive impact on immune system, leads to lowered stress levels, and enhances creativity.

2. Prioritize sleep.

Sleep is crucial to development. When kids don’t get enough sleep, it can cause them to act out, gain weight, or have trouble with learning and concentration. So prioritize sleep by limiting screen time and keeping them on a steady sleep schedule—you may find your child makes a lot of progress quickly.

3. Make nutrition number 1.

It’s no secret that sugar-filled snacks and meals lead to energy spikes and crashes, on top of making it difficult to concentrate at school. For optimal development, kids should be eating healthy fats, whole grains, and tons of vegetables—but it can be hard to make that happen without a specific plan.

4. Practice positive self-talk with your child.

If your child is struggling in school or having a hard time making friends, it’s only natural that he or she would have a negative inner dialogue going on. Work with your child to incorporate mantras and positive self-talk into daily routines. Give them examples of people they may look up to.

5. Practice cognitive and sensory motor exercises.

When your child is struggling cognitively, practicing vision exercises, working on balance and practicing basic reflexes can go a long way.

6. Listen to music.

When used correctly, music has a proven soothing impact on our brains and bodies, helping us stay calm and focused.

There’s no doubt that it’s difficult when your child is struggling developmentally. But with the right  tools, you’ll see them grow in leaps and bounds.

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