6 Reasons why Wives Yell at Their Husbands

6 Reasons why Wives Yell at Their Husbands

6 Reasons why Wives Yell at Their HusbandsAs the former awesome wives we once were, the ones who hardly yelled because life pre-baby didn’t really have much to yell about, has turned us into a stark-raving psychopaths who yell at their husbands until we lose our voices, and our sanity.

Here are the top six reasons wives yell at their husbands:


  1. We can’t yell at the baby.

About 90% percent of the time when we’re yelling at our husbands it has to do with the baby. Unless you’re a monster, you can’t yell and scream at a sweet, innocent little baby for the many inconveniences they have caused you throughout the day. So we choose to yell at our husbands because it’s obviously his half of the baby’s DNA that is to blame for whatever it is that we’re yelling about.

Like….the baby woke up every hour on the hour last night for absolutely no reason or the baby spit up on us when we were already dressed for work and running late as usual.

  1. We can’t yell at my boss/coworkers.

When you spend 40 hours a week with the same people, people you see more than your own family, grievances will happen and when it does, we yell at our husbands. Seems logical, right?

  1. We haven’t eaten all day.

Being “hangry” is no joke. We have the responsibilities of taking care of the baby and everyone else that we forget to feed ourselves. Big mistake!

  1. We haven’t slept in days. Make that months.

There’s a reason sleep deprivation is used as a form of torture on prisoners of war Being sleep deprived will do a number on your mood and your marriage or partnership.

  1. We didn’t exercise

All we need to boost our mood is to go for a quick run. Throw the sneakers on and 30 minutes later, like magic, all will be right in the world again.

  1. Husbands forgive

Marriage is hard, and marriage with a newborn is pretty much the hardest. It requires an awful lot of grit and grace. It also requires forgiveness in masses and we know that our husbands will forgive us, each and every time.

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