6 Natural Ways to Ease Stress

6 Natural Ways to Ease Stress

6 Natural Ways to Ease Stress

Being “stressed-out” seems to be as trendy as being “on a diet.” Everyone’s doing it, throwing the terms around as if it’s an excuse for a bad mood or short fuse, but stress has some serious side-effects that can be harmful to your health and happiness if it isn’t addressed. Of course there are lots of pills to help you ease off angst, but we prefer to manage it naturally. No drugs, no chemicals, just good natural feel-good cures


  Touching, Kissing, Hugging6 Natural Ways to Ease Stress

Touching, kissing, and hugging are activities that stimulate the brain’s release of the hormone oxytocin.




Swearing 6 Natural Ways to Ease Stress

Swearing has been shown to minimize stress and increase workplace camaraderie.




Eating Garlic 6 Natural Ways to Ease Stress

The main ingredient in garlic when digested is organosulfur allicin, which triggers your body to produce hydrogen sulfide. The combo creates an internal reaction that relaxes blood vessels and encourages blood flow. Translation: garlic is good for your heart and your head and helps manage stress.

Rubbing your Hoku 6 Natural Ways to Ease Stress

Your “hoku” is that flap of skin on your palm that connects your pointer finger to your thumb. It’s also an acupressure spot related to upper body tension that, when squeezed, can minimize stress by up to 39 percent




Watch YouTube6 Natural Ways to Ease Stress

Laughter is a proven way to ease stress. Even the mere anticipation of something funny has the ability to calm us down thanks to the release of stress hormones like dopac, cortisol and epinephrine. Watching short funny film clips have been proven to increase blood flow to the heart.


Gardening6 Natural Ways to Ease Stress

Having plants and flowers in your presence can elicit a positive mood and reduce stress levels. Connecting with the Earth by sticking your hands in the dirt and tending to the plants yourself even further imbue you with an energy of calm.





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