6 Laws Of Karma That Will Transform Your Life


Karma is a kind of abstract concept to most of us. Many have a monotheistic concept of it where there’s a God or Goddess that doles out good and bad karma. I disagree.

To me, our lives are a little bit like a box. When we do something good, we put something good in the box. When we do something bad, we put something bad in the box. Throughout life, at random, we pull things from the box. The more good you’ve done, the more likely you are to pull something good out of the box.

It’s not intelligent. It’s all left up to chance. By taking a good action today, you won’t necessarily be rewarded for it, nor will you be assured of punishment if you’ve done something bad. There is something much larger at work here. It’s about how you live your whole life.

These are 6 karmic rules that will transform your life.

You can’t get what you want unless you get involved.

This is something we each forget at some point or another, but it is the truth. If you want something in life, you must get involved in order to attain it. Not many things will simply fall into your lap. You can’t count on that.

You are in control of you.

At the end of the day, the only thing you truly have control over is yourself. You can’t control what others do, but you’re in charge of your own actions.

Your life is your own creation.

In the same way that you are in control of you, your life is absolutely of your own creation. You decide how it goes. You are in control of your destiny.

History will repeat itself until you learn.

One of the greatest rules of karma is that until you learn your lesson, you will keep making the same mistakes. History repeats itself unless you learn something. This goes for entire nations as well as individuals.

It’s of no value unless you’ve worked hard at it.

When creating anything of value, it won’t actually have any value unless you’ve worked hard at it. True value in things doesn’t come from how much you spend, but how hard you worked to get it.

The greatest victories benefit everyone.

If you yourself get rich, that is great for you, but the greatest victories help everyone, not just the individual. Consider the karmic impact of giving back to the community that gives you support.


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