5 Reasons For Drinking Warm Instead Of Cold Water

warm water

If you suffer from headaches, joint pains, constipation, digestive problems, or more – you may just be dehydrated. People often go about their days forgetting to drink enough water, a powerful liquid that helps keep your bodily functions in tip-top shape.

Considering that water makes up to 60% percent of your body, it’s in your best interest to rehydrate daily — but not just with cold water.

Studies reveal that drinking warm water can increase water’s benefits for the human body.

Physicians recommend drinking warm water in the morning, usually, with a polyphenol-rich lemon immersion, or with a tea shown to decrease free radical activity in the body.

Drinking warm water instead of cold water has a lot of great advantages.

Here are 5 health benefits of drinking warm water:

Cleanses digestion

A very warm cup of water in the morning can help cleanse your body by flushing out toxins. Water and other liquids help break down the food in your stomach and keep the digestive system on track. Warm water will help break down these foods even faster, making them easier for you to digest. Drinking cold water during or after a meal can actually harden the oil in consumed foods and therefore create a fat deposit in the intestine. Adding ice to processed cold water will strip it of natural-containing minerals, as these minerals are essential to keeping the digestive tract healthy. Luckily, you can replace a glass of cold water with a warm one to aid digestion, especially after eating a meal.

It’s ideal for taking care of your respiratory system

Drinking warm water can be much healthier for your respiratory system than cold water.

Cold water inflames your mucosa. It also increases your risk of suffering from respiratory system infections as well as suffering from throat problems.

Warm water, on the other hand, will sooth your throat and reduce any irritation.
This is useful if you have respiratory diseases. It also works if you are only trying to get rid of mouth dryness that usually happens in the morning.

Improves metabolism

Drinking warm or hot water can promote a healthier metabolism and quicker metabolic rates. Ideally, you should drink it first thing in the morning with a splash of lemon juice because it may help kick-start your metabolism.

It stimulates the proper functioning of your immune system

Drinking cold water causes your blood vessels to constrict. On the other hand, drinking warm or hot water causes your blood vessels to dilate.

As a result, it increases the circulation of blood in your organs and tissues. Thanks to this easy act, you can get rid of toxins much more quickly and cleanse your body.

Battles obesity and high cholesterol
Warm water and lemon (or lime) mixtures can be especially beneficial for people who have diabetes. It can also help break down build-up in arteries which increases blood circulation. Depending on your condition, it may help regulate your weight and regulate blood sugar levels.

In addition to citrus mixtures, you can also pour your warm to hot water over tea between meals. However, the Institute for Traditional Medicine suggests that the best time to consume water this way is after you’ve had a chance to digest your food.

Water is also a major ally for people who are following a diet. This is because it’s able to reduce their appetite. At the same time, it helps the body to metabolize fats in an efficient manner.

Drinking a cup of warm water 10 minutes before eating lets you eat food with fewer cravings. Also, it’s the best ally against liquid retention.

At the same time, drinking water can help you to prevent multiple problems. If your body isn’t adequately hydrated, it causes a higher concentration of toxic substances and carcinogens.

However, these are eliminated through your urine if you stay properly hydrated.

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